Samsung Galaxy M02s Full Specifications 

                     Hello friends, today I came to another new phone.I have given reviews of many phones before, so today I will give a review of a phone. This phone will highlight the RAM ROM processor and its information.

  This time Aslam Samsung M02s Full Specifications.

Today I will tell you all the information about Android and its pros and cons.And I will tell him what this phone will look like in the middle of 12000 rupees.So I left without further ado.

The phone is the first Bangladeshi hilsa

 First Realise 19 January 2021 

Color Black. Blue.Rad 

Bluetooth v4.2 

USB v2 

 OTG support 

USB type-c Unsupported

 Display 6.5 Inche 

Weight 196 grams 

 RAM 4 GB Rom 32 GB 

Back Camera Camera 13+2+2 MP 

Front Camera 5 MP 

Battery 5000 mAh 

Fast Charging 15 W 

Android version 10 

Prossecor octa core 2.0 GHz 

3.5mm jack support 


Fingerprint Unsupported

Face Unlock Support 

Notification light Unsupported 

Now after listening and reading all the information of the phone, I will give our opinion.

If you want to buy a good phone in the middle of 12000 rupees then I would say that Samsung m02s A friend’s phone is known to everyone in this company This company is a brand company different from other companies.So the phone with 5000 battery can stay on YouTube almost all day.But you can’t play Pubji Free Fire with the phone which will work in slow motion.So for those who want to buy this phone to play Pubji Free Fire, I would say it will not be a better one. And I saw a problem with the font that other companies never do it wrong.The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. Fingerprint and Face Unlock Which Samsung m02s is not given in this phone.

So I like the phone. If you want to buy the phone, then my opinion is that you can buy a very good phone.So this was my opinion, a new phone review will appear again next day like today.

Let’s be like today, everyone will be well and healthy.

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