How is everyone. Hope everybody is well.Today I appeared for those who are raw in English.I hope that after getting these tips from me, English will become very easy.I mean an app that will make English very easy for you in life.If you hold this app on any English text, then that text will become Bengali.So he went to work without talking

First you need to download an app. The upper name is Trenti.Play store Tranit If you write and go to church, you will get it.
First go to the Playstore
Go there and go to Church Tranit

You will see exactly like this. Download it from here.When the download is complete, open the app.

You will see this after opening.Then click on Start.

Then look like this. Then click on Accessibility.

Accessibility Clicking on will take you here.It will take away the accessibility of the setting.Turn on the tranit option after leaving.

That’s the way it is.Then bake.

Bring it here. You will see here that if this on option is off then turn it on.
Then an icon appears on the site on the left side of your mobile skin.

Hold it with pressure. Now look at the writing that you want to do in English or any other language in Bengali King or country you live in Slikt the language you want to see. You will see that the text has become the language you want to see 
So everyone will be fine, stay healthy, I will come again today with a good post.
And everyone will pray for me. I’m new so some of the posts may have gone wrong.Read this post in a good way without feeling wrong If you do not understand, then let me know by command.
Always keep an eye on WikitechBN to see the best posts first of all
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