Vivo V21e Full Specifications

Price in Bangladesh

Official: ৳26990

The Vivo V21e is a very good phone.Today I will talk about Vivo V21e. How much would this phone cost or would it be good?

The phone was first available in the Bangladeshi market on May 5, 2021. The mobile is there 8GB Ram and comes with 128GB ROM which is perfect with it. The phone has been given a battery of Four thousand (4000mAh) and has 33W fast charging which is fully charged in a very short time. It takes a maximum of 30 minutes 66%. I like this thing.

If you want to see the performance of the phone, you can get the Android version 11 and Android update 11.1 of the phone.

The processor of the phone is given octa core 2.3GHz Which makes the phone work very fast.

Now come to the camera There are Three camera 64 + 8 + 2 with back camera which is very good 4k video play and has 44 pixels on the front 4K video ultra play.

The phone has 3.5 mm jack

And The fingerprint of the phone is given inside the display

Mobile 6.44 inches

USB 2.0

It comes with Face Unlock

The phone has no notification light 

Now whether these phones will be good for you, the phone has some problems 

2/It would have been better to give 6 mAh there without 4 mAh of battery because tecno spark7 is giving 12000 taka 6000 mAh wireless

2/Notification light Needed to give

And it would be better to give fingerprint side as well as battery 6 thousand which is better for 4 thousand good games or net users may not go one day   

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