Hello friends, Assalamu Alaikum, how are you all? I hope everyone is well. I am also well. 

After a long time I thought I would make a post today.Today I will leave an upcoming phone Geo phone what will happen in the future.

The key to what this phone has is that I will talk today, I will say no in a shortcut, I understand.

So without talking too much about the review of the phone, everyone will pay attention.

Vivo I like this mobile very much. This mobile has shocked my whole head The mobile is like the whole Vivo y12s in rear model 

The RAM of the phone is given as 6 / 8GB which is good in this budget.

And used as ROM 128/256GB Like it too but you can’t fill out any memory card

Which you have to carry on with this memory.

And then there’s staying The processor of the phone. The processor is given octa core 2.0 GHz Chipset Exynos 888 . I like the processor 

Then there is the phone. Only 4500 mAh used as battery.So are you wondering why the battery is so low no problem.

Those of you who run the phone for 10000 thousand rupees, how does the 6000 mAh battery work.Don’t think that it will use really good battery which you can take for 2 days
Now let’s talk about cameras.The font camera of the mobile is 48 + 2 + 2MP 
And back cameras have been provided 8MP
I like the camera a little light at night and can take pictures in a very good way So now let’s come to all the issues of mobile.
What can a mobile phone look like and how will it work?
Another thing to say is that this mobile is 5G.
And you know better, so I didn’t say that, like Bluetooth and OTG C put and many more. You know all this, so I said more.
After that, if you want to know that we want to know all the issues, then please let me know, I will discuss all the issues in the next post
So what else can I say, after knowing everything, I like this phone very much 
After reading all the things I like that I will get such a good phone at such a low price.
Talking about the battery backup of the phone, you can actually run YouTube for 7 to 8 hours straight. So you can play games with this phone
So this seal is the next light for me to update this phone I will appear again next with a new phone. Stay well and stay healthy till today 

iPhone 13 Click on the link below to see the review 

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