IPhone 13 release date has been announced. September 14 is probably when we will release the iPhone 13. Apple is hosting an event on that date, and the day we hear about a new device is almost certain.

Price of iPhone 13: iPhone 12 may be similar or higher, its look suggests that it may be exactly like the price of iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 Mini – the cheapest of the iPhones of 2020 – starts at $ 699 / £ 699 / AU $ 1,199 while the iPhone 12 Pro Max is priced at $ 1,099 / £ 1,099 / AU $ 1,849. That said, there is some evidence that prices could rise somewhat.

Design: Slight changes are being made to the iPhone 12, but Apple has changed the design of the rear camera. These two cheaper phones will apparently have a diagonal lens arrangement, but the design looks differently similar to last year’s handsets, albeit with a slightly smaller notch.

Color: Apple may debut some new shades with the iPhone 13 series, and two versions will be available in pink and orange. In addition to them, purple, black and white colors can also be found.

Display: The iPhone 13 full screen size and resolution will remain the same, but both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are widely used to debut a 120Hz refresh rate. This means that the image on these screens will be smoother than the previous iPhone. We also expect an always-on display on every handset.

Camera: Apple is expected to tweak the camera in the iPhone 13 series, and the two Pro handsets could get an upgraded ultra-wide shooter. The iPhone 13 Pro will also have an upgraded telephoto camera, plus some leaks suggest that the Lidder may be present in four models to improve your depth perception, although recent leaks don’t mention it, so don’t rely on it. Video recording software has also been improved with a new portrait mode.

Specification: The A15 chipset will probably power each of these handsets, although current reports say it will add a huge amount of power. It is also widely rumored that Apple may bring the 1TB iPhone for the first time in 2021, allowing it to be the largest iPhone size ever.

Battery: If the biggest battery of the iPhone 13 leaks right, you can expect a bigger battery inside the 2021 phone. The iPhone 13 is expected to offer a 3,095 mAh cell, compared to the iPhone 12’s 2,805 mAh. What does this mean? Expect the iPhone 13 to last longer than your previous iPhones. 

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