Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. There are many ways to earn income online. You may know that income can be earned through YouTube and Facebook monetization. Just like that you know you go online through Instagram.

Yes, brothers, what you have heard can earn from Instagram. 

Instagram: Instagram is an online platform similar to YouTube and Facebook. You can upload photos and watch videos on Instagram. You can even upload videos yourself. You can’t write. You can upload photos on Instagram.

You can earn income from Instagram. But for that you have to create an account on Instagram first. Just like you can’t run a Facebook account if you don’t have an account on Facebook. Similarly you have to create an account on Instagram.

And if you want to make money from Instagram, you need a lot of audience. You can never make money from Instagram without an audience. Here are some rules for making money from Instagram:

Give a beautiful bio profile: After creating an Instagram account, you need to give a beautiful bio to the profile. Since if you don’t have a follower on Instagram, there will be no income. So you always have to keep in mind how to increase followers.

The bio of Instagram profile plays a very important role in increasing the followers. So give your bio in a very nice way on your Instagram account. This can increase the number of followers on your Instagram account. 

Post regularly: As I said before, you need to have a lot of followers or audience to earn income from Instagram. For that you need to post beautifully regularly. So that people like your post and will follow you.

High Quality Photo Upload: Since Instagram is an online social network platform. Many famous people also live here. So you need to upload photos full of high quality.

Many people like uploading high quality photos. Maybe you can get a lot of followers by uploading your photos. So always upload high quality photos to Instagram. 

You’ll need a follower or auditions to earn from Instagram that I said earlier. Questions can arise in your mind just if you increase the number of followers you can earn from Instagram?

There are no real rules for earning from Instagram. But there are several techniques to earn income. These technicians are useful and you can easily earn money from Instagram. The details are described below.

How to make money from Instagram? 

Earnings from Instagram: When you have a good follower on Instagram, you can earn income on Instagram. I mean again you have to have a lot of followers to make money from Instagram. Only then can you earn money from Instagram.

Earn money by selling pictures on Instagram: There is a great platform to earn money by selling pictures online. There are even platforms where each photo costs over 100 100. And up to a minimum of ড 1.

If you want to make money from Instagram, you can make money using this medium. Like you have joined a platform to earn money by selling photos. Now the more pictures you sell, the more income you will have.

Now you can share photo details of your platform on Instagram. Since you have a good amount of followers on Instagram. From here, you can sell your pictures for less. If you want, you can use this method to earn money from Instagram. Earn money on Instagram through sponsored ads: If you want, you can earn money by showing sponsored ads on your Instagram account. But for that you need to have about 10 thousand followers in your Instagram account. I have mentioned 10 thousand followers as an example.

If you have 7 or 8 thousand followers, you can still earn money from Instagram. If you want to earn income by seeing sponsor ads. For this you need to apply for sponsorship in different companies. If the company deems you useful, it will give you sponsored ads.

You can earn this ad by sharing your Instagram account. Since you have a good amount of followers or audience. Just by looking at a sponsored ad you can earn 10 to 15 dollars. Moreover, by signing a deal with them, you can earn money through sponsorship from Instagram.

Some important tips

* If you want to make income on Instagram, you must have a good amount of followers.

 Never share any fake information on your Instagram profile.

 Talk to your audience regularly to keep up with them.

 Try to solve the problems of your audience or followers.

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