Assalamu Alaikum,

I hope you are all well. Well, you all want to use the free net, don’t you? Especially those who are data users. Today I came up with a free net trick for all those users. However, the trick can only be used by Grameenphone users. So the rest of the SIM users, please do not be upset.

So let’s get started,

The app that allows you to use free internet on your GP SIM is called Droid VPN. An app that is very familiar to many.

First of all,

You need to go to the Droid VPN’s web site and open a new account by signing up.

All you need to sign up is:

1.Unique username

2.Strong password

3.An active mail address

After giving this information, fill in the captcha and click on SIGN UP NOW.

Then you will receive a mail in your mail address. You have to activate the account by clicking on the activation link from the mail.

Then you have to download the mod version of Droid VPN. I will give the link of the mod app at the end of the post. If no one reads it again, don’t download the Play Store version and say that it is not working.

After downloading Droid VPN, open the app, click on Three Dot on the top left, sign in and go to settings. Then in the settings you will see UDP Settings. Click there.

Then you have to edit the places marked in the picture below. I gave what to edit at the bottom of the picture.

UDP Port from UDP Setting.

○ Choose UDP MODE to give Mode 1.

○ TCount 2000 must be paid.

○ RCount 0003 must be paid.

Droid VPN Mod APK☞

Then you close everything and open the VPN.Then click on the connect button to continue running free internet.

Finally all the settings are done. Now you can enjoy the free net by connecting. No specific server is required.

Stay well everyone stay healthy. We will meet again in the next episode with another new topic. 

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