There is a total of 11 crore internet subscribers in the country, most of them are mobile internet subscribers. But this picture is starting to change. Internet companies are taking broadband internet to villages at low cost. One of them is Plexus Cloud. The company has already launched ‘independent WiFi’ broadband internet in 49 villages. Mubarak Hossain, CEO of Plexus Cloud, spoke to Samakal about the services and possibilities of broadband internet. Interviewed by Hasan Zakir 

– You say, you are giving 600 GB internet for 99 rupees. But broadband is not a GB account.

– That’s right, broadband speeds are calculated, not GB. But you see, we are bringing the rural population under broadband. Our potential customers used to buy 1, 2,or 10 GB of data from mobile operators and use it all month long. They know the internet as MB or GB. So we are telling the customers, for only Tk 99 you will get the opportunity to use 600 GB internet for a month and that will ensure much better speed than the mobile operator. Where you get one / two GB maximum in mobile operator, there is 600 GB! So that’s why we’re talking about customer GB. It’s a business strategy to convince customers. But we are actually selling broadband speeds where unlimited data is guaranteed all the time.

How are you responding? 

You see, most of the people we are serving the internet now are students, farmers, vans or vegetable sellers. More than 60 people in the country are young now, whose big part is unemployed. The government wants to bring every citizen under the Internet in building Digital Bangladesh. We also have the goal. We are also working to make people become skilled using the internet. We are working to create rural-based freelancer as part of skilled public building. If you succeed in this case, it will be a really indifferent thing.

– I’m getting a great response. As the customer gets faster internet, he can watch bufferless videos. Similarly, some people are getting employment. We are hiring union or village based partners who are providing internet services on our behalf with little investment. We have already been able to employ about 300 people and the process is ongoing. As we cover new areas, more employment opportunities are being created. Our specialty is that if you are an independent WiFi subscriber, you can use the internet wherever you have a network. But it is also attracting customers.

What are your future plans? 

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