Indian=26990 Rupee

               Bangladeshi=35990 ৳

                Full Specifications

Hello friends how are you all i hope you are all well.As usual, Aslam Realmy left again today with a new series.Today I will talk about the phone, what are the features of this phone and everything else including RAM ROM battery.I have been delivering on all other phones for a long time today. I will discuss today’s Real Me phone.The phone has some great futures which is a great feature from the price point of view.So why don’t friends talk so much and go to the basic specification.

First I will say the phone release date.

 In terms of release date, this mobile has not been released anywhere but it has moved between Bangladesh and India list.India and Bangladesh will launch together.In the meantime, China will launch in a few days That is to say Bangladesh and India may launch in mid-October and a few days later.The Bhanti will be launched in Bangladesh and India.The phone is priced at Rs 26,000 for Indian Rupees.The price of Bangladesh is about 35 thousand rupees.


The phone uses a 6.67 inch full display.


Back camera 8+2 Megapixel camera.You can take great pics on camera.

And phone cameras have been provided.16 megapixels.The camera will be on the left and inside the display.

The phone has a fingerprint used. It will go inside the display and you will not get any fingerprint.Faceunlock Given.


The mobile uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G Processor.Which is a great processor to use, no phone has been given a processor pie in this budget which I have not seen yet.A good processor has been used.


8/56 GB And 12/256 GB Its RAM roms have been used.There is a problem here that you can’t load any memory from outside which has to do everything from your phone memory.That’s why 256GB ROM has been used for 8GB RAM and the same has been used for 12GB.


Mobile Details Used 5000mAh Battery with 65 W Fast Charging Which will take 35 to 40 minutes to get to 100%.

Other performances.

Other pages have Bluetooth 5.0.

USB type-c supporter.

USB 2.0

Network= 3G 4G 5G supported

The main points of S Mobile.The company with a very good performance as a gift of mobile These are things that I’ve seen a little less on other phones.Now people buy mobiles and see the performance of the mobiles which they have already seen and go to the shops and just say the name. 

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